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How to Transform Your Weight and Lifestyle

Tired of dieting and exercise with no results? The Weight and Lifestyle Transformation (WALT) Method is your missing link.

Does this sound familiar?

If you’re like so many of us, you’ve counted calories, eliminated carbs, cut out fat, exercised relentlessly, stuffed yourself with celery stalks, used only nutrition shakes for daily ‘meals’, and yet the weight doesn’t seem to come off. Many people have tried 10 or more diets, with zero results.


Can you relate to this?

You’ve tried EVERYTHING from counting calories to extreme fad diets, but you’re still not where you want to be. It’s been exhausting (and expensive) to make these programs work, and you’re not getting results, despite your very best efforts.

You’re TIRED of all the unrewarded hard work, the time investment, and the cost. Why keep going if you can’t see any results? It just doesn’t seem like anyone else has to work this hard … for all you do, you get nothing from it.

You are so FRUSTRATED to put in all this effort for nothing! Spending so much time worrying about eating, making time to go to the gym, you try every diet on the market, and the dial on the scale never changes.

After everything you’ve done, you lose weight – yay! – only to PUT ON THE POUNDS AGAIN! You’re sad and angry that after all that hard work, you find yourself starting all over again. Your weight and mood feel like a yo-yo.


You’re experiencing this problem because…

Brain power to lose weight depicted by flowers

You, and thousands of people just like you, can’t lose the weight because you’re not using the one tool that will make the difference … your brain.

Trying to make life changes without understanding how your brain works for you, or against you, is a recipe for failure.

But once you gain knowledge and understanding through the highly successful WALT Method, you are much better equipped to make your weight loss journey a successful one.

It’s worked for so many others, and it will work for you too.



What If We Told You There Was A Better Way

Imagine what life would be like if you achieved your weight loss and lifestyle goals.  What if you could get beyond a love/hate relationship with food? What if you could wear the clothes you love? What if you felt better, all day long, because you weren’t carrying extra, unwanted weight? What if you learned how to appreciate yourself just as you are? What if you could leave bad habits, unhealthy ideas, and unhelpful behaviors behind?

Your Life Before The WALT Course:

Daily struggles with eating the ‘right’ foods
Feelings of guilt when you cheat on your diet
Sense of failure for not achieving goals
Reaching a point of giving up

Your Life After The WALT Course:

Improved self and body image
Ability to make better choices and experience rewarding self-control
Happier, more content and confident
Skilled in ways that support you across all areas of your life



Step 1

Take FREE WALT Assessment

Sign up for free to get immediate results across the 10 dimensions critical to weight loss, alerting you to where you are at low, moderate, or high risk.

Step 2

Enrol in our First-of-its-Kind Online Course

Our Online WALT Course uses the successful WALT method over 10 weeks. Highly interactive, proven, and tailored 100% to meet your weight loss needs.

Step 3

Experience Transformative Results

Our course is proven to transform your weight and lifestyle. Not only that, our customers tell us the WALT Method changes their lives for the better!

Meet Dr. Stewart Zelman

Dr Stewart Zelman Founder of WALT Assessment

As experts in the psychology of weight, Dr. Stewart Zelman and his team at Weight and Lifestyle have helped thousands of people over the past 20 years reach their weight loss goals.

The results of that success led to the creation of the WALT Assessment to help people learn their psychological roadblocks to weight loss.

The WALT Course provides targeted learning and support to create new thought patterns and behaviors to help motivated people reach their weight loss goals, and improve the success of any diet or exercise plan.

For the first time ever, the WALT Method is available outside of Dr. Zelman’s private clinical practice.

This is the very same program successfully used to achieve weight loss for clients referred from bariatric surgeons, cardiologists, and orthopedic doctors.

I have been a weight loss surgeon for over 10 years, and have interviewed more than 6,000 people suffering from the effects of excessive body weight. Often, they do not have any idea about one very key element of weight loss —the psychological element. The WALT provides accessible and understandable ways for readers to learn how to use the power of their mind to control their food cravings, reward themselves in non-food ways, and find peace from overeating.


Dr. Barry Greene, M.D., F.A.C.S.Weight Loss Surgeon, Member, American Society of Bariatric Surgeons, American College of Surgeons, American Medical Association



Taking our FREE WALT Assessment is only the first step. Your transformation happens during our online course. Here you will unlearn old habits that don’t serve you, and relearn transformative habits to help you reach your weight loss and lifestyle goals. Thought-provoking, interactive, and designed 100% to deliver the results you want.

Successful Weight Loss Program


What You’ll Learn

Our one-of-its-kind course identifies the ten weight and lifestyle dimensions you need to learn to lose weight—and keep it off successfully.

Weight Loss Course
Relearn how to use your thoughts and feelings to find you are in a more balanced state - the extreme highs and lows that drive behaviors like over-eating will happen less frequently.
Discover how to keep your commitment to both yourself and others.
Learn how to stop eating over emotions, once and for all.
Gain better strategies to install eating habits that are helpful, rather than harmful.
Body image is a belief, not a fact. Our course will help you create new ways of viewing and appreciating yourself, just as you are, right now.
Update and reset your self image in a way that actually serves you.
Step away from perfectionism, and find happiness in your weight loss journey.
Relearn what stress is and know the difference between useful and useless stress; you'll find far better ways to handle stress during our course.
Get the tools to activate, boost, support and manage your motivation well to lose the weight and achieve your goals.
Learn how to assert your needs safely, and without aggression, to get what you need and want out of your life.


How You’ll Learn

Losing weight successfully involves far more than simply eating less and exercising more. It demands a new way of thinking and feeling about life. But unlearning old ways and relearning successful new ways requires an effective way of learning. To ensure you successfully lose weight, our online course involves proven techniques to help you achieve your weight loss and lifestyle goals.

Eleven video sessions with Dr. Stewart Zelman and benefit from his 30 years of experience helping others, just like you, successfully lose weight
Pause for thought opportunities as research proves that when you take regular moment to step back and reflect, you're far more likely to achieve your goals.
Goal setting tools to ensure you set the right kind of goals to help you lose weight and transform your lifestyle, now and into the future.
Interactive learning presentations that help you unlearn unhelpful habits and relearn healthy new habits of mind to achieve your weight loss goals.
Engaging practice sessions to cement your new habits to transform your weight and lifestyle.
Ten hypnosis audio sessions with Dr. Stewart Zelman to boost learning new habits and train your mind to fulfil your weight loss goals.
Interactive journalling tools to reflect upon, and support your successful weight loss journey.
Weekly reflection opportunities to reflect on how much your activities and new learning is helping you progress your weight loss goals.

Four Course Bonuses!

If you take our Free WALT Assessment and enroll in our online course, you’ll also receive FOUR bonuses to further support your weight loss and lifestyle transformation.


Receive an extra boost by opting to receive daily emails to support your weight loss journey.


Retake the WALT assessment and learn how much you’ve transformed over six months.


Weekly calls on YouTube to ask questions, find support and build a community for WALT Method Alumni.


Ask questions from others, just like you, who are facing the same challenges and having similar successes!

The WALT offers clearly defined concepts and approaches that helped me drop old ways of thinking and develop a mentally healthy approach to living. I felt like a new person and embarked upon a new way of living. While it is wonderful for weight loss, it also contains concepts you can use in any situation. If you really do what is suggested, you will have changed yourself by the time you finish it, and you will like the change! These ideas get inside you and change layers of thinking. It's an approach that WORKS.

WALT Customer Testimonial

Sally H.

WALT Customer

I've always been a little overweight and could never lose that extra weight that kept me from feeling my best. I always thought it was more a psychological thing but I never had the understanding and tools to deal with it and that's what this finally gave me. What I love about this approach is that it explains an easy to understand way the psychology of weight loss that others haven't. It helps you understand how feelings and self esteem and beliefs work and effect weight and self image. I gained the skills and understanding that I could apply to other areas of my life as well . Very interesting and effective. I highly recommend it.

WALT Customer Testimonial

Dave B.

WALT Customer

As a wellness consultant, I see that there’s a huge need for effective weight management. Understanding that weight management also involves the psychological aspects which relate to the human mind and feeling is vital. As more people around the world are overweight or obese, just diet or supplements are not enough. Learning about these concepts has also helped me to see beyond just recommending supplements and daily exercise only, but as a daily mind therapy to overcome frustrations and low self-esteem for my clients. I must say, it's a 'must do' as you go on achieving a successful weight-loss journey.

WALT Customer Testimonial

R Jumoke

Wellness Consultant

Is the WALT Method For Me?


The WALT Method is Not For You If:

You have no wish to lose weight
You're not interested in improving your lifestyle
Your weight isn't an issue for you

The WALT Method is Perfect For You if: 

You are committed to your weight loss journey
You can commit one hour per week for 10 weeks
You are excited about learning new habits
You are ready for your new life

What’s The Next Step?

You are 3 Easy Steps From Transforming Your Weight and Lifestyle!


Step 1

Sign up for a WALT Account in less than a minute

Step 2

Take our FREE WALT assessment. Here you’ll discover your risk profile against ten WALT dimensions. Thousands of others, just like you, have benefitted from our free WALT assessment.

Step 3

Enroll in our first-of-its-kind online course designed to transform your weight and lifestyle!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I Start The WALT Course?

As soon as you’ve created a WALT account and taken the FREE WALT Assessment, you can enroll in our online course – it’s ready and waiting to help transform your weight and lifestyle!

How much time should I commit to the WALT Method?

The first step involves signing up which only takes a moment, and then you take the WALT Assessment, which has helped thousands of others just like you — this takes between 10 to 15 minutes.

As for our transformative course, we recommend a commitment of one hour per week for ten weeks.

Imagine this — a new you in ten weeks’ time!

What is the difference between this program and all other programs around weight loss?

The WALT Method focuses 100% on transformative results, but with a difference. The WALT Method doesn’t focus on calories or exercise.

WALT is a proven, evidence-based that is about improving how your brain supports you in weight loss. It doesn’t compete with diet or exercise programs … it improves the results.

If you’re in another diet/exercise program, the WALT Method will support you on your journey. If you are not in another program, the WALT Method will create results for you.

It’s time to take a different, transformative approach to your weight loss.

Why take a course to get transformative results?

Because the research shows we need to unlearn old habits that don’t serve us and learn new habits to transform our weight and lifestyle.

So we’ve combined Dr. Stewart Zelman’s thirty years of weight loss and motivation expertise with best practices in online learning.

You won’t have to sit through hours of videos — instead, we draw on best practices where you’ll use our interactive online learning tools to transform your weight and lifestyle.

Don’t See Your Question in our FAQs?

We love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the WALT Method and our online course. You can email us directly at to get in touch and we’ll return the favor within 48 business hours.