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Frequently Asked Questions

I just subscribed to the WALT Course. Now what happens?

The first thing that you will complete is the WALT Assessment. The Assessment will help you see where you’ve had challenges in losing weight and keeping it off, and your responses will help make the WALT Course is organized and prioritized for you and your preferences. Once you’ve completed the Assessment, you’ll be directed to the introductory module to learn how to navigate around the Course, and you can jump right in!

When can I start the WALT Course?

As soon as you’ve created a WALT account and taken the WALT Assessment, you can jump into to the WALT Course – it’s ready and waiting to help transform your weight and lifestyle!

How much time should I commit to the WALT Method?

The first step involves signing up which only takes a moment, and then you take the WALT Assessment, which has helped thousands of others just like you — this takes between 10 to 15 minutes.

As for our transformative course, we recommend a commitment of one hour per week for ten weeks.

Imagine this — a new you in ten weeks’ time!

What is the difference between this program and all other programs around weight loss?

The WALT Method focuses 100% on transformative results, but with a difference. The WALT Method doesn’t focus on calories or exercise.

This is a proven, evidence-based program that is about improving how your brain supports you in weight loss. It doesn’t compete with diet or exercise programs … it improves the results.

If you’re in another diet/exercise program, the WALT Method will support you on your journey. If you are not in another program, the WALT Method will create results for you.

It’s time to take a different, transformative approach to your weight loss.

Why take a course to get transformative results?

Because the research shows we need to unlearn old habits that don’t serve us and learn new habits to transform our weight and lifestyle.

So we’ve combined Dr. Stewart Zelman’s thirty years of weight loss and motivation expertise with best practices in online learning.

You won’t have to sit through hours of videos — instead, we draw on best practices where you’ll use our interactive online learning tools to transform your weight and lifestyle.

Don’t See Your Question in our FAQs?

We love answering your burning questions about the WALT Method and our online course! You can email us directly at to get in touch and we’ll get back to you within 48 business hours.