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We are built on science and success.

The WALT relies entirely on what we know about from cognitive behavioral therapy, ongoing brain research, and practical experience in how our brains help us in our goals and weight loss—or lead us astray. This isn’t a program that focuses on limiting eating or maximizing exercise; the focus is on helping you learn to manage your mind better to achieve your goals.


Our Story

The World of Weight Loss

Before we launched the WALT, we spoke with thousands of people who came to us because they were continuously unsatisfied. No matter the weight loss program or exercise plan, short-term gains did not hold up over the longer term.

We heard from our clients that they were frustrated and exhausted from the process of food restriction, ignoring their preferences for eating, and taking on exercise plans that may not have always been possible because of their current health and fitness. They were hungry, angry, frustrated, sad, and often injured. And they were tired of being told “you need to …” to achieve the changes they wanted.

We wanted to change that.

We developed the WALT so clients could immediately understand where they lacked the knowledge and skills to create the changes they so deeply desired. By knowing where their strengths and weaknesses were, we could help our clients start to build the skills needed to get where they wanted to be, whether it was in weight loss or in lifestyle.

In support of the WALT Assessment, and based on many years of clinical practice, we developed a comprehensive, easy-to-implement program that delivered real-world results. Through word of mouth and medical referrals, our practice burgeoned over time as clients came to our team to learn new skills and find a new way to achieve weight loss and increase overall satisfaction with their lives.

This successful clinical work — translated into the WALT — is for anyone who wants to gain control of their minds to achieve their weight loss goals. We’ve seen it happen for more than 10 years in our clinical practice, and we know this plan will work for you.

The WALT works alone or in conjunction with a commercial weight loss or exercise program. Simply put, the WALT will amplify your weight loss results.

If the idea of finally breaking free from old ideas that haven’t served you in weight loss or in life satisfaction, the WALT course is for you.

Our Values

Ethical Values


As clinical psychologists, we are bound by the highest ethical standards in our care, whether in our office or through our online work.

Caring weight loss values


We care about you, your health, and are here to support you in the success of your weight loss journey.

Compassionate weight loss values


We understand change is never easy, and know you are undertaking something that was difficult for you before. We want to change this.

Healing weight loss values


Helping you grow and heal, so you have a happier life, is core to our purpose.

Science-based weight loss values


We rely on brain science and psychology to provide you with the best advice and behavioral change information possible.

Respectful weight loss values


We respect your choices, beliefs, and values, and we will always respect your privacy.