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Your insurance provider may reimburse you for expenses related to weight loss either as a self-pay or through your medical savings plan.


“After fighting my weight for more than 25 years, I finally feel optimistic about meeting my goals – I am losing weight! Maybe even more importantly I’m happier and more satisfied. My body may not be perfect, but after so many years of just being unhappy, I have a much better body image, and self-image.”

“I learned so much – and it’s not just getting ‘book smart’. I’ve learned new ways to apply new thinking that has resulted in me losing weight.”

“I can see real changes in my life from what I’m learning in the WALT. Once you start to gain control of your eating, that carries over to every aspect of your life. I’m learning how to stand up for myself in ways that support me but don’t run down other people.”

“I just feel so much better about being able to make the right choices. I was kind of resigned to just being fat and unhappy because that’s what I always was. Not anymore!”

“When I took the WALT Assessment at the start of the course, I had something to share with my doctor that really changed how we worked on my weight loss plan. That information alone made a big difference.”

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“I have been a weight loss surgeon for over 10 years, and have interviewed more than 6,000 people suffering from the effects of excessive body weight.

Often, they do not have any idea about one very key element of weight loss —the psychological element.

The WALT provides accessible and understandable ways for readers to learn how to use the power of their mind to control their food cravings, reward themselves in non-food ways, and find peace from overeating.”

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